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    • Student orientation for the hot house:

      Please be advised that clients must sign up for class ahead of time to ensure a space is reserved.

      The following are recommendations from experienced yogis to make your experience more efficient and fulfilling. We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes before class. Signing up is required, please make sure you have signed in to class before coming to class. Cash only

      1. Click here and create New Account with our studio on the service Mind Body Online, the premier studio scheduling software. Please use either the Facebook or "New to our site" signup. Once you have an account, check the schedule and pick a class to attend. You are required to reserve a space, as space is limited!

      2. We are not only here to have fun and enjoy our practice, but coming prepared allows for optimum performance. As with any exercise, we recommend that you drink a minimum of 1 liter of water within 3 hours before class, and have no more than a light meal at least 1.5 hour before hand. Try to avoid coming with a full stomach. We recommend and carry smart water and there are free water fountains available.

      3. Bring a yoga mat, a large towel that will cover your yoga mat, and a liter of water to class. (optional: shower towel)

      4. Wear spandex blend clothes (moisture wick fabric) that are fitted. Appropriate "Hot Yoga" clothes are recommended; We recommend against loose shorts, and basketball ball shorts. Please don't wear string bikinis.

      5. Your first goal is to stay in the room, so you may acclimate to the heat. Feel free to take a rest at any time but don't be afraid to push yourself.

      6. Make sure you let your teacher know of any injuries or conditions that may affect your practice. Do not push yourself any further than you are comfortable. Do not force any posture, listen to your body and take kneel-down breaks as needed. As with any exercise, there is limited risk involved -- but unlike some other types of exercise, you can rest assured if anything should happen you are surrounded by people who will assist you should you "overdo" it.

      7. Enjoy a great class with no judgement. Go at your own pace, and if you feel dizzy, take a seat. The primary goal is to stay in the room and get familiar with the heat. Pace yourself and enjoy your practice! Remember to bring a towel for you and a towel for your mat! You will be sweaty! With increased frequency of practice you will see faster results. Unlimited Yoga Packages are available so you can come frequently and save more money.

      Sometimes, some yoga classes feel harder than others... have faith in yourself and keep trying until you build your strength.

      Yoga Checklist:

      REQUIRED Items:


      *Towel (to place over mat to catch your sweat)

      *Water 1 liter minimum recommended. There is also a water fountain to refill your drink for free.

      *Plastic bag to carry wet items

      Optional Items:

      *Shower towel

      Yoga Etiquette To Drink or Not To Drink: Please remember to take water only on designated breaks, or anytime someone is not in a pose after Eagle pose. No talking in the hot room: Please don't hold conversations while in the hot-room, unless you're talking to the teacher (and the teacher is talking to you). Be mindful of others around you trying to enjoy their quiet mediation in the minutes before and after class.

      Parking: There is plenty of free parking in front of the building.

      Returning Students? Please visit the Mind Body Scheduling Website for always up to date scheduling information.    

       Please be advised that clients must sign up for class ahead of time to ensure a space is reserved.